Monday, 23 December 2013

Chapter 5: Tis the season.....Merry Christmas!!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates this past while. I've been slacking off - haha! We've been getting all set for Christmas here in Oz. What else has been happening, I hear you ask?! Well, Dad's been sick and he's hurt his back. Didn't last too long thankfully. He still managed to take us ice skating one of the days. No skating for him though. His back still isn't 100% yet but he's getting on okay. He blames his old age - I think he still sees himself as being in his 20s.

I'm not as bad at the old skating as I make myself out to be. Ice skating is one of my Christmas traditions so it was nice to be able to do that over here. I can't honestly believe that it's Christmas Eve.  It's not the same here without the cold weather. I don't mean that in a bad way - I love the sunshine, and I certainly don't envy everyone in Ireland right now with all those storms and weather warnings. I hope everyone is doing okay! Most of the shopping has been done and wrapped. There's a Christmas tree, lights decorating houses all over the neighbourhood and beyond and Rose is excited for Christmas morning already. But, there is something to be said for being huddled beside a live fire in your pjs and dressing gown, drinking hot chocolate and watching old movies!

 Louise and I took a trip into Brisbane last week. It was a beautiful day, cloudy to begin with but clear blue skies had invaded by lunchtime. We surveyed the city from the Wheel of Brisbane and climbed up into the Memorial Garden on South Bank. We ate ice-cream with mini m&ms and tim tams while watching the ibis ( a species of bird). We got some good photos too!

On Friday morning, Dad, Louise, Rose and I went bowling (or 10 pin bowling as the Aussies call it). Now, I'm not particularly good at it and I played pretty poorly in the first game but, I won the second. Not only did I win but I got a few strikes/spares and I also beat Dad which was awesome. He wasn't too happy about it - haha. I don't think he expected it after how I played during the first game. Neither did I, if I'm honest!

That night, we went into town. Brisbane is lovely at night. It was packed of course, being that it was the Friday before Christmas. there was a Christmas Parade starting from Queen Street Mall. It rein-acted the nativity scene and scenes from the Nutcracker ballet, encompassing live animals and performers. After that we walked down to Town Hall where there was a lighting performance displayed on the outside of the building. It was beautiful. I'm hoping to upload a video of it with this entry so fingers crossed that'll work okay! (Edit: I'm sorry to say that the videos didn't turn out well so I've uploaded a fair few photos instead.)

In this last shot, I think it looks like there's snow. I love the lighting in this photo too (below)

Obviously, I can't say that I'm not having a good time. I've been  looking into possibly staying on or coming back in the near future. Seems stupid not to take advantage of the freedom I have now - I won't have it forever! I've made New Years plans too so I'll be moving on from Brissy soon. Down to Melbourne and I'll meet up with a few friends who are lolling about the place! And then, somehow I'll make my way up to Sydney from there. Can anyone say they've survived twelve hours on a bus??! I'll let you know how I get on  with that!

We're expecting a bit of a heat wave here over Christmas. That'll include sunshine, possible thunder storms and temperatures of up to 35 degrees in QLD. It's hotter down in Melbourne at the minute -about 40 degrees. The one thing I regret is not being able to drive over here. If a genie approached me and offered me three wishes, my first would be to be able to drive and have a car to drive over here. Oh the adventures I could have!

Anyway, I'll do my best to be a better correspondent from now on. Thank you all (whoever you are) for reading this. I'm amazed that so many read it!

Happy Christmas and I'll be taking to you in the new year!

Love Tasha x

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