Monday, 9 December 2013

Chapter 4: South Bank, Tree Climbing and Sickness

So, what’s happened since I last posted?! Well, the girls have been sick all weekend but thankfully, all stomachs have settled today after many unsure days. Aside from that, the three sisters have been climbing trees and I have been getting an animation education in the form of Despicable Me 1 & 2 (those minions are so cute) and Rise of the Guardians (Loved it!!) .

On Thursday, we went to the park because dad had to work. All it took was one go on the giant swing to remind me of my childhood. It’s funny. No matter how old you are; we’re all the same age in a playground. We did a lot of climbing and laughing. Here are some photos from that day!

On Saturday, dad and I decided to vacuum the pool (it was full of leaves) and I had a swim in it with Rose in the afternoon. I got burnt a bit but not badly thankfully!

On Sunday, Dad and I went into Brisbane. I enjoyed our catch up over lunch and afterwards we did a bit of hat shopping as I really need one in this weather. Beautiful as it is, it’s important to keep your head out of the sun. We took a stroll through Queen Street Mall, over Victoria Bridge and down to South Bank. It’s a lovely part of the city; which encompasses The Wheel of Brisbane, Griffith University, many picnic areas and man-made beaches. It is the centre of culture, recreation and entertainment, according to my guide book – and I agree. It has a market and bars/restaurants, busy with locals and tourists shopping and enjoying themselves in the hot summer sun (despite being in the shade haha). The sun is taken for granted here by the locals as the sun will come out tomorrow. 

Entrance to the Memorial Park (below) and the Brisbane skyline (above)

Brisbane skyline from South Bank beach (below)

The Wheel of Brisbane (below)

 This one (below) was taken outside the Preforming Arts Centre just beside The Wheel of Brisbane.

This one is a few of the river, South Bank to the right and The Wheel of Brisbane from Victoria Bridge.

That's all for now. Catch you guys in the next instalment.


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