Thursday, 5 December 2013

Chapter 3: Allergic reactions, Christmas lights and getting to know you

And so, I have been here over a week. Already!! It’s been pretty chilled out thus far. Saturday was the only rainy day. It was my sister’s birthday party – typical haha! Dad cooked lunch on the BBQ and it was delicious. I got to meet all their cousins again. It’s a fun family they have out here. Dad’s sister-in-law brought her two dogs as well which added to the mayhem – bringing the total count to eight adults, one teenager, one child and four dogs. Unfortunately, didn't get many pictures of the festivities.

That evening, we (me, Dad and my sisters) walked down to the local church. You should have seen it! It was covered with Christmas lights – green, blue, red, purple, turquoise, pink and white. There were koalas in the trees; an Indian monument inspired montage; lights that spelt out ‘welcome’ in all sorts of world language – I did notice, however, that they left out ‘Fáilte’ which is the Irish for welcome. There was a giant angel in the grass area outside; the usual suspects – reindeer, stars, the three wise men, Santa, Mary and Joseph etc. It was all very impressive!

On Sunday, I found that I had been bitten (by a mozzy most likely) and by that evening, my right ankle had blown up to three times its usual size – making the contrast between my feet almost comical. The bite had blistered and it was a bit painful. I couldn't walk on it and I had to keep it raised. What dramatics?! And I'm only in the country a few days!  It still hasn't cleared properly but the swelling has gone down considerably and the redness is fading. I am hoping it will disappear completely by the weekend. It’s not the most attractive thing to look at, I'll admit.

I realise that up until this point I have refrained from dropping names but I know that it would become extremely difficult and confusing to continue like that. So, without further ado, I will give my sisters aliases. The eldest, I will call Louise and I will call the youngest Rose.

Louise has been on summer holidays since Friday but Rose only finished school today. Monday morning saw Louise dragging herself out of bed to go running with Dad at 9am before breakfast. I had said that I’d go too but as I couldn't walk the day before, I figured that it wouldn't be the smartest thing to go running on it so soon. Instead, I walked on the side-lines, took a photo or two and soaked up a bit of vitamin D. Dad did a lap at the end and Louise and I had way too much fun shouting insults from the finish line. These failed to reach him as he raced around the track – what a show off! Ha!

Here's a photo of them heading out to the track.

Tuesday, Louise and I had a bit of a bonding session. We walked in the warm summer heat up to the local cinema to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We both loved the film and dissected it on the walk home. Afterwards, she introduced me to her favourite music and we watched Mrs Brown’s Boys which is big over here. One interesting thing about it (which you probably know already), is that although it’s set in Ireland and all the cast is Irish, the show itself is recorded in Scotland.

Louise is great. She is smart, both academically and outside the classroom (i.e. her head is screwed on properly). She has a love of all things electronic and is a talented storyteller and writer. She’s interested in drama and would either like to be an author or an actor when she grows up. I wish I knew that much at her age! Oh, and she has a part-time job too.

Rose is your typical little girl – interested in everything, chatty, full of energy, questions and mischief. She has a bold streak but she does try to behave herself, despite driving her dad to distraction haha! She’s full of smiles and likes to pose for photos. She likes to draw, sing, and make up stories/songs. She’s a smart kid and does well at school too. Her's a photo of Rose.

That's enough for now. More photos to follow in my next post. 

Hope you're having a good day,

Love Tasha x

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