Monday, 6 January 2014

Chapter 6 - Branching out, Jenga, and Christmas!

Note: This entry is split in two for three reasons. 1) I hadn't access to the Internet on New Year's Eve (when I wrote the first installment), 2) More has happened since then and 3) I'm a hopelessly forgetful thing!

So, I'll be updating the blog twice in a sort space of time! You lucky, lucky people!

Christmas Day was spent at a table of seventeen. Christmas dinner is different at home. At home we have the big hot meal in the evening. When you’re in the tropics, it really is too hot to be eating a big dinner so we had a buffet style mean during the day. There was a choice of cold meats, salads, veg and potatoes. Desert followed and champagne. Not bad at all. When we got home afterwards, all of us jumped in the pool to cool off.  Just you’re usual Christmas Day in Brisbane with the sun spitting the stones.

Now that Christmas is over and I have successfully stuffed myself full of holiday treats, I figured it might be time to do a bit of travelling. So, I booked myself a one way ticket to Melbourne, Victoria. I arrived in the hostel yesterday evening. QLD, however, wouldn't let me go without giving me a good send-off. This was my first proper electrical storm and it was AWESOME!! I'll upload it as soon as I can

So, now that I'm in Melbourne, what am I to do?! Let me see. Chill out in the hostel? Check. Enjoy some drinks over Jenga? Check! Catch up with a friend from home? Check. Discover that half the place is full of Irish, Scottish and Brits? Check. And I've only been here for one night! We went to two pubs last night. One had an excellent band called ‘Secret Tsunami’ and in the second one they had a drag show which I'm assured was on the classier side of ‘Ladyboy’ shows. You know what, I believe him! Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures but one of was called ‘Paris’. Highly entertaining!

The weather is similar to home (Ireland), in that there can be four seasons in one day. Unlike Ireland, it’s warm and not storm riddled with is great. The only slightly negative thing I’ve seen was walking home last night. You know, I wouldn't call it a negative experience. It was quite comical actually. Some guy muttered a remark as we passed. “Just go home” he said, or something. He must have mistaken us for Poms (that’s what Aussies call people from England).

That’s about all for now. Plans are afoot for this evening, that being New Year’s Eve. Drinks, park, fireworks! It looks to be an enjoyable evening. Until then, I had better find a supermarket and some insect repellent. The hostel life is a glamorous one!


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