Friday, 29 November 2013

Chapter 2 - Getting here, battling jet lag and easing into Aussi life!

Phew, made it! Australia, Brisbane, and the Sunshine State – you can say that again. I could get used to this weather. After a long and patience testing twenty-seven hour flight - where sleep was prevented due to close quarters, multiple time zones and screaming children – we touched down into Brisbane International Airport. Twenty-three degrees at 8pm, something I have never encountered before. Grabbing my bag and passing through customs glitch free, I walked through the arrivals doors scanning the area for the sight of my dad. There you are, phew! It was great to see him after six years. He hasn’t changed except for a little less hair on top haha! And I’m still taller which I’m far too happy about. We head for home.

Butterflies invade as we approach the house. It’s the eve of my sister’s birthday and she doesn’t know I’m coming. Ek - I may be more excited than she is. I can hear the dogs’ barking as my dad opens the door. She’s grown taller but it’s the same little girl I met 8 years ago. Hugs and some tears on her part. More hugs. Some food and a quick catch up before I crash for the night.

The next morning I met my youngest sister, for the first time. She knew who I was but it took the day yesterday to get used to me. She spent breakfast in silent observation as if she couldn’t quite believe I was there. By the afternoon we were playing Guess Who?, Snakes & Ladders and Connect Four and in the evening I read her a bedtime story. She loves having someone new to play with.

Earlier on in the day, dad and I took a little drive up to Mt. Coot-tha lookout which is close by. Spectacular views: - you get a panoramic view of the whole city of Brisbane – the river, its suburbs and the mountains in the distance. I felt in awe of its beauty. Time kind of stood still up there. Despite being a tourist spot, it’s a very peaceful place. It’s nice to play the tourist for a change rather than serving them.

That's dad in the last one!

We also stopped at the Planetarium and had a look inside. It's named after Sir Thomas Brisbane. Yep, that's guy that the Brisbane is named after. It was full of school kids so we didn't stay too long.

It’s been beautiful weather so far as you can see from the pictures. Palm trees are a new thing for me, as is the temperature. Today it is approaching the 34 mark and we are expecting a bit of a thunder and lightning storm and then the weather will get a bit cooler tomorrow! This morning was my youngest sister’s Christmas show and after that dad and I went to his squash match. Who knew dad could run?! Haha! He’s a good player and has been playing for the last eight years. We’ll go next Friday too for the final match. Anyway, that’s all for now. Hope all is well wherever you are.

Love Tasha

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