Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Chapter 8: Part 2 - A Voice From The Past!

 Here's the piece I wrote a while back! I'm the living proof that waiting for the right reasons is totally worth it! Don't judge me for all these philosophical ravings haha!

Waiting – a necessary or unnecessary evil?!

When do you stop waiting and take action? When is waiting necessary? (Buses…J) When is it an excuse? Can it be construed a playing it safe? These are all viable questions that I have asked myself at many stages in my life. It is quite possible that at some point, I have answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions. Even as I enjoy a lazy, unproductive day, I contemplate this question. Is staying in my current situation a necessary evil or am I still playing it scared?!

For some, waiting may be an excuse to avoid reaching their full potential. For example: are you sitting, reading this and thinking that you want to do more with your life?!

But, no, you couldn’t possibly! That’s for younger, more confident, better off people.

This is a sign that you are playing it safe. I firmly believe that a life half lived is a life not lived at all. It has taken a lot for me to realise this and had I the knowledge earlier I wouldn't be where I am today.

Others merely wait for their lives to begin. I felt this when I finished my undergrad degree. I often wondered why other people were out having fun and having great life-altering experiences. Why I wasn't one of them?! Didn't I deserve to be getting ahead in my chosen career? Why wasn't I travelling the world? What was so different about me? (One reason was the financial one, of course) When I look back on this time, I realise that money was not the real problem. It was just an excuse. I could have applied for a J1 visa and gone abroad, taken an Erasmus year in college. I had convinced myself that I had to wait - that my time would come if I was patient.

Good things come to those who wait?..... but waiting around can be construed as just playing it too safe.

Should have, would've and could have! Three things that myself and my friends use quite frequently. Too frequently! It seems like we are all focusing on the past. On assignments not done properly, places we haven’t explored, last night’s indulgences or horrible boys we've kissed. It seems that life is passing us by. Instead of focussing on the great things we have in the present, our time is consumed with thinking about things we could have done differently in the past.

But what does this have to do with waiting and making excuses? Well, those of us who are stuck in this waiting rut are focusing on the past instead of planning for our futures! 

Waiting, however necessary is a boring and sad excuse for a life that could be amazing. There I go again – ‘could be’ – but in this context I am thinking positively. Two months waiting in limbo is far better than a life spent there. I work where I work so that I can save. I save money so that I can travel. I travel to allow myself to grow and by growing I become who I want to be. So, waiting in my case is a necessary evil! It will allow me to live rather than merely exist.

If you are making excuses for not living the life you want or waiting for your life to begin – just STOP! Stop waiting. Take action. Waiting is only a necessary evil when it leads to a positive and exciting end. It is never necessary in the long run. Waiting should not replace living your life; it should give you limited time to prepare for the next adventure.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hope you liked it!

Love Tasha x

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